Asking For a Friend

Is it OK to still wish to please you?

In doing so, it’s burned a hole in my skin the size of a memory and all I can say is I told you so.

Is that why my name couldn’t fit in your mouth, why my body size couldn’t be contained betwixt your idle palms so that sent you running for the past with your masculinity between your legs?

And even though I was your knight in shining armor you swore to the sky that you’d be my earth and all that dwells within it…but then you left.

So why am I the enemy I pray, am I too tough to chew I pray, is this why I still

hold my breath when passing cemeteries I pray, WHO are you to toy with me I pray.

I no longer have the extra space in my soul, but I’m still the girl that kept you warm.

-erica jeudy ©


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