Bless Your Heart

Who lit this fire inside of you, love?

Rain soaked, head heavy, eyes overflowing you’ve never looked more brave.

Tell him the truth.
Tell him you never stopped loving him because you believed that what you felt could not be stopped,

like Earths rotation,
like time,
like lovemaking on countertops.

Tell him that he hurt you more than you thought possible, that you shed trust the same way you grew fingernails long enough to hang off Cupids bicuspid and beg for a do over.

If you start crying, cry.
You denied yourself the luxury of feeling when he left you and it’s time you exhale so deeply that you blow him away.

So blow him away,
when he gets too close thinking that if he can just pass your name from the tip of his tongue to the nape of your neck, memory will serve you wrong.

When he tries to climb
you like vine, peel his flesh
from yours and rip him
out of you by the roots.

Remember your carnal desire and
get you some. Grab the collar of his shirt like reins and kiss him with your past hurts. Press your body into his hard and take back the light he stole from you. Keep his hands glued to your arse then cut them off with your hips.

Let him go.

-Erica Jeudy©


4 thoughts on “Bless Your Heart

      • I feel like you should know that I have gone through your entire blog and read each piece, and every one of them are astounding. You certainly have become one of my favorite writers at the moment. Keep up the amazing work and have a great day 🙂

      • Oh my. Are you real? I’m not just making you up, am I? You are a godsend to say such wonderful things at the exact moment in my life where I was beginning to doubt myself as a writer. Thanks is not enough, no words are really. If I could hug you, I would. Lol, forever grateful, thank you, thank you, thank you. Same to you! 🙂

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