If I said it with my eyes,

would it count?

Every movement of my iris choreographed in a

thrilling performance centered on you alone.

Each eyelash so willing to hurl  itself

towards the unknown for the chance to make your

wish come true.



What about my hands?

I could trace each letter on your flesh

with the intent to engrave it there forever.

I could interlace yours with mine

and never let go.


Or I could show you with my body.

No ache or tremble unaware of your

effect and desperate for it to not ware

off. All of my organs,  limbs, every layer of skin

and the blood that rushes forth,

exalting in the glory that is you.


Maybe I’ll say it with my mouth.

Quietly, rehearsed, before my heart

rebukes me. And then loudly, altogether

until my poor tongue runs dry and it

hangs in the air like a smoke signal.


I love you in more ways than one.

I love you forever and ever.



-Erica Jeudy ©


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