Bajan Moon

She said don’t go.
Gravity is on, rocks hurt, waves are selfish don’t go.

She said, find an island love.
No, an island, love.

Find sand and Sun and trees and surround yourself with life unyielding.

She said there’s no room between these dying stars for a soul your size and Earth will put up a fight for you.

Earth has put up a fight for you.

Romance yourself.
Romance your SELF.

Burn all hollow trappings and, nude, surrender your insecurities to the mirror before you rupture it solely with your destructive self hate.

I’m only pretty when it doesn’t count and I live life like I’m being chased but

one day I’ll love someone who kisses by the book, and I’ll learn to love him with my mouth shut.

She pulled the clouds up over her head as if to say my work is done, and in one fleeting gust of wind, unceremoniously breathed goodnight and amen.

-erica jeudy ©


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